Welcome to Western Headstalls

A site dedicated to enlightening the novice horse owner about Western Headstalls

Western Headstallss seem like a straight forward piece of horse tack. Every horse owner has one. Every horse wears one whether he wears a bridle, hackamore or other type of headgear.

But the easy part ends there. There are several types of Western Headstalls that should be understood. Which is best for what purpose is important to know.



The headstall is the facial equipment used on a horse to hold his bit in his mouth or his reins to his face. It generally consists of a strap from the one side of the bit over his head (behind the ears) and down to the other side of the bit. A browband reaches from the poll strap across the horses forehead to the other side of the poll strap. A noseband is used on some headstalls.




Headstalls can be made of leather, nylon, or rope. The most common are leather (the best) and nylon (the least expensive).


More to come